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Saisons Lachine

Artist Gilles-Michel Belisle

October 13 through November 12


Lachine is celebrating its 350th anniversary this year. This municipality has lived through many significant events in the annals of the history of New France and Lower Canada. Nestled in a magnificent setting along the St. Lawrence River and Lake St. Louis, Lachine, with its beautiful river and rapids, was witness to numerous adventures, challenges and hopes…


350 years later, this corner of the country remains as pristine, as impressive… It is therefore not surprising that artist Gilles Michel Belisle chose Lachine as his home. Lachine’s unique and fleeting light throughout all the seasons is an endless source of inspiration. He can often be seen strolling the avenues, camera in hand, his accomplice and his creative medium.


This exhibition combines a corpus of photographs taken over the past five years. As a keen traveller, he journeyed the world, passionate about exploring new places and embracing cultures and distant horizons. Fortunately, at this time, the City of Lachine has become his focus and he has orchestrated his inspiration into a four tempo waltz; a ballad spanning the four seasons. An artist with a meditative soul, he was inspired by the many changing faces of this enchanting city and its captivating life and radiance. Through his passionate eye he has immortalized a fleeting moment of time and wonderment

Verchère, september 2009

This exposition presented mainly photos of animal in the Galapagos. This event took place at the Atelier-Galerie du Petit-Coteau in September 2009

Montreal, 2009

This exposition took place in 2009 at the Galerie Ars Longa sur Mont-Royal in Montreal. The artist primarily showcased photos of women from around the world.